Legal Costs Mediators
Legal Costs Mediation



The mediator’s fees, travel/accommodation expenses and any supplier costs will be paid equally by the parties as stipulated in the Mediation Agreement.

The Mediation Agreement provides that the mediation fees and the parties’ legal costs and expenses shall not be treated as costs in the case.

Parties and their lawyers should consider what costs arrangements are suitable (whether the case settles, or whether it does not) prior to the mediation.

Mediation and Assessments will be charged out at a rate of between R1,800.00 and R2,100.00 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour payable as an upfront deposit. 

The rate includes venue hire.

Mediation and Assessments may be done at a Round Table Conference at a venue supplied by the BLCM or via Skype conferencing.

Short telephonic mediation conferencing, in aid to settlement of points in limine, will be charged at R400.00 per 15 min or part thereof with no deposit required.

The minimum charge for any service provided by the BLCM will be R400.00.

The Mafuta Trust is not a VAT vendor.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Platform Taxing Legal Costs


BLCM provides a neutral platform and physical venue for parties to resolve disputes relating to the taxation of bills of costs and a forum with competent and experienced Legal Costs Mediators and Assessors to assist parties in resolving their legal costs disputes.

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